Meeting the challenges posed by a broad range of companies and agencies in the medical, emergency, infrastructure and transportation sectors, has created many innovative builds that redefine what a mobile solution can be. We are the disruptive and growing player in this field with the experience and scale to deliver significant individual projects or large complex fleets. View the case studies below and explore how our team can help move you.

Specialised & Emergency Vehicles Australia feels a great sense of achievement in being a part of the Ambulance Service’s success. Here at SEVA, we understand the need for options and simplicity to ensure maximum efficiency. As a result, SEVA works tirelessly to ensure we deliver an individualised solution for each of our clients. Whether

it be changing the interior or exterior design layout or increasing easy access by re-arranging the communication requirement layout for the vehicle; there is no job too big or too small and we are here to help. From the design process through to completion, we will work with you to ensure we are constantly improving the efficiency and quality of your vehicles, with ease 

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is the mainstay of ambulance fleets around the world due to it’s generous offering of flexibility, reliability and safety. SEVA has thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to build Frontline Ambulances on this extremely popular platform. Frontline ambulance vehicles are amongst the most complicated specialist vehicles operating on the

roads today. Ensuring all the systems operate reliably and in a simplistic manner is essential, and is an area that Specialised & Emergency Vehicles Australia excels in.

Frontline Emergency Ambulances

Safety Focused Service Fleet

For state railway networks, Safety Comes First. Always. We’ve worked tirelessly with our customer to delivery an ever growing fleet of safe, dependable and worker focussed service vehicles, based on a variety of light commercial and truck platforms. In the rail transport industry, fleet downtime is simply unacceptable, trains must run on time and so must the fleet that supports them. By working closely with the fleet management team, vehicle operators and the leasing provider, we have been able to provide an ergonomic, reliable and above all safe solution.

Light Commercial Vehicles 


Few manufacturers have the skill and resources to deliver a fleet of over 200 individually specified light commercial vehicles for one customer in a year. Fewer still can claim to have achieved this result for multiple customers over a number of years. SEVA can make this claim and continues to keep more tradesman on the road than many of our peers. We can provide a web portal to allow you to obtain an instant quotation for a vehicle built to your spec with the options your drivers need to push your business forward. Working with Vehicle manufacturers, dealer fleet managers and leasing companies, we can deliver the perfect vehicle to those that need with minimal input from the customer. Beyond delivery we can maintain, upgrade and eventual decommission your fleets, recycling equipment to minimise costs.

Emergency Response Vehicle

Queensland Ambulance Service operates one of the largest ambulance fleets in the world. An integral part of the service they deliver is provided by the use of smaller Emergency Response Vehicles, based on either Light Commercial or SUV platforms. This fleet of LARUs carries much of the same equipment load as a full patient carrying ambulance. The challenge of packaging medical supplies, communications and emergency lighting equipment, such that all seats are usable, the vehicle operates within its specified gross mass and the emergency medical supplies can be reached in a split second is huge, but one that we have relished and excelled at.



Creating mobile solutions that connect people to the world is a goal we proudly achieve through the design and build of our wheelchair accessible vehicle conversions. 

The Toyota Land Cruiser Troop Carrier offers a multitude of benefits, however it lacks the easy side accessibility and additional seating space for a perfect Patient Response Vehicle. Here at SEVA, we take care of that problem for you! By installing a third door on the left side of the vehicle, whilst completing all other fit out options and requirements for our individual client, the accessibility for staff, patients and supplies becomes infinitely easier. Our Toyota Land Cruiser Troop Carrier design uses all OEM Parts where possible. SEVA offers designs catered to fit each of our client's needs!

Three Door LandCruiser Troop Carrier 

Vans and commercial vehicles provide the canvas upon which our artisans create their finest work. Whether you requires mobile survey, office, laboratory or medical treatment facility, we have the experience and ideas to build the perfect solution. Our goal is to allow your team to provide their essential service, safely and effectively at any location.

Specialist Van Conversions

Mine Compliant Ambulances


Turnkey, mines compliant ambulance solutions, if required we can source your base vehicle, prior to carrying out our vehicle conversion, including supply and installation of stretcher, oxygen plumbing, emergency vehicle decals, lights and 100 watt siren system, pre-programmed site specific radios, grab ‘n’ go kit bag storage and optional roof pod storage. We work with you, to ensure you receive a vehicle fit for purpose, and ready to go straight in to service.

Low Cost Mine-site Ambulance

An industry peer entered voluntary administration, forced Lendlease to find an alternative service provider at extremely short notice. As a result of our flexible work practices and diverse portfolio of prior experience, we were able to complete their project in record time. The delivered project is a low cost yet user friendly and elegant solution which will see service at the Delamere project in NT.