SEVA currently manufacture solutions for a number of industry sectors including medical emergency, infrastructure, resources sector, military and transportation vehicles. We manufacture Frontline Emergency Vehicles, mine-compliant emergency vehicles, third door Land Cruiser Troop Carrier Ambulances, heavy vehicles and light commercial vehicles for both private and government departments. SEVA works closely with leading industry partners all around Australia and the Asia pacific region. Please see below a full range of vehicle solutions below. 

SEVA's Emergency vehicleS

frontline Sprinter van 

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The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is the mainstay of ambulance fleets around the world due to it’s generous offering of flexibility, reliability and safety. Frontline ambulance vehicles are amongst the most complicated specialist vehicles operating on the roads today.

Emergency response vehicle 


Emergency Response Vehicles, based on either Light Commercial or SUV platforms are fully equipped with the same load as a full patient carrying ambulance. This vehicle operates within its specified gross mass and the emergency medical supplies can be reached in a split second. 

Mine Spec Ambulance


Turnkey, mines compliant ambulance solutions including supply and installation of stretcher, oxygen plumbing, emergency vehicle decals, lights and 100 watt siren system, pre-programmed site specific radios, grab ‘n’ go kit bag storage and optional roof pod storage. We work with you to ensure you receive a vehicle fit for purpose and ready to go straight in to service.

4x4 emergency vehicles 

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4x4 Emergency vehicles provide essential lifesaving services to remote locations that your typical emergency vehicles will not reach.

patient transport

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Patient transport vehicles come in numerous different formats. Whether you require single or multiple patient, ambulatory or on stretcher, we will have an option that meets your needs. We can convert your existing vehicle or source and convert a new vehicle, providing you with a full turn-key package.

3rd door landcruiser troopy


The Toyota Land Cruiser Troop Carrier offers a multitude of benefits when being converted to an emergency vehicle. by installing a third door,  completing all fit out options and requirements for our individual client, the accessibility for staff and patients makes this one of the more superior emergency vehicles on the market today.

SEVA's Commercial fleet


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Few manufacturers have the skill and resources to deliver a fleet of over 200 individually specified light commercial vehicles for one customer in a year. Fewer still can claim to have achieved this result for multiple customers over a number of years. SEVA can make this claim and continues to keep more tradesman on the road than many of our peers.


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SEVA's team have extensive experience working with the diverse range of heavy trucks currently operating on Australian roads. Our range of services start with something as simple as driving light installations right up to entire truck service body builds. We treat the cab chassis as the canvas on to which we paint your master piece.

service BODY

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This cleverly designed Road Safety Response Truck, delivering exceptional storage capabilities, yet remaining within the vehicle’s 4500kg GVM, and therefore able to be driven on a standard “C” class license.



Our arrow boards are high quality units proudly manufactured in Australia to local and international standards. Features include a compact cabin controller, electronic actuator and auto dimming. Options available include beacons, work lights and GPS auto-retract, making the SEVA arrow board the first choice for the traffic control industry.



Infrastructure projects & the resources sector have well developed safety requirements necessary for you to take your fleet onto their work sites. We can assist you with meeting these requirements while also ensuring the safety of your team. Many of the vehicle upgrades available can also improve job efficiency and enhance the vehicles capabilities.


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Australia leads the world in design and manufacturing of high quality aftermarket vehicle accessories. The requirements of the rescue sector combined with our vast off-road enthusiast market creates the perfect environment for the industry to flourish. SEVA works directly with both vehicle and accessory manufacturers to ensure your accessory and your vehicle work together in perfect harmony.



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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles from SEVA  are engineered to enable people with disabilities to travel by car or van - inclusively, in comfort and safely seated in their wheelchair. 

We deliver quality Wheelchair Access vehicles across Australia. Our bespoke mobility vehicles are adapted to the needs of wheelchair users and carers, with innovative access and restraint solutions to make transport easy for your wheelchair or mobility scooter.

MOBILE office


Australia's unique geography often requires us to work in remote locations. Working hand in hand with our customers, we have developed the skills to design and construct van and trailer based mobile offices, laboratories and clinics. Comfort, safety and ergonomics are all combined with low cost and durability to provide your team with the best possible mobile facilities.

specialised projects


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Although the range of builds shown on these pages is extremely diverse and may seem comprehensive, there are more challenges and problems to solve. At SEVA we relish the opportunity to find new and creative solutions for our customers. Just because it hasn't been done before, doesn't mean it can't be done.

TRAILEr conversions


SEVA has completed a bewildering range of trailer based projects. mobile vocational training vehicles, mobile salons, catering and hospitality, tradesman and recreation, there really isn't much you can't attach wheels too and tow around Australia. If you have skills you want to take to the people, we can help you with the means to do it.


The team at SEVA have developed a number of bespoke solutions for businesses within the mobile catering industry as well as mobile training platforms for the next generation of baristas and chefs. Our solutions have been both trailer and van based and are safe, durable and meet all national and local legislative requirements.

MOBILE food truckS