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SEVA has an in-house engineering team to design and manufacture a broad range of innovative installation aids to ensure the best possible fit-out that will last the life of the vehicle. Our facility and team are highly skilled and hugely adaptable. We can scale our operations from simply installing a pair of spot lights to building you an entire  fleet of Ambulances. No job is too big or too small, all of our customers are equally important to us, we only work to one standard, the best. 

We won’t void your vehicle warranty, we won’t drill holes in your vehicle, we won’t allow your accessory to make your vehicle unreliable, un-safe or illegal, we will listen and work with you to find the best possible solution. Almost anyone can try and fit after market accessories, very few can fit them to the standard you & your vehicle deserve. SEVA has an enviable reputation for doing the job right, first time, every time. And when the unexpected happens, our dedicated after sales team will get you smiling again in no time.

SEVA has a wide range of aftermarket solution to fit your needs. Below you will find many product we can offer. 

Reverse Camera


Safety First - Safety Last

It's amazing how many vehicles still don't come with a reverse camera. We can fit cameras to all vehicles for reversing, load monitoring, internal security and general visibility.

Solar Panel


Renewable Energy

Australia has a vast and diverse range of habitats and we all need to do our bit to preserve this incredible environment for future generations. Installing solar charging systems on your vehicle will not only help reduce exhaust emissions, it will save you money on fuel and servicing over the long term. 



Be Conspicuous

We’ve worked hand in hand with LED Light Manufacturers, Emergency Services and Fleet Operators for decades. No one knows more about beacons, light bars and perimeter lights than the team at SEVA. Whatever your need for enhanced visibility is, we have the products and the know how to make you stand out safely and legally.


Work Lights

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Don’t be scared of the dark

When the sun goes down, and you need to carry on regardless. SEVA can supply and fit LED work lights from all major manufacturers. It doesn’t stop with the light, need it to turn off at a certain speed? Have remote switching? Or a 10 year warranty? We can do it all.

Fridges and Slides


Ice-Ice Baby

There’s far more to properly installing a vehicle fridge than simply plugging it in. Consideration to mounting, accessibility, consistent power supply and ventilation with drainage must be made. When we fit a fridge it gets fitted the right way.

UHF Radios


Roger That!

SEVA has enormous experience with in vehicle communications systems, be it a simple UHF CB, Sat-Phone system, tracking and monitoring or Digital Multi Band Radios. We are the experts at keeping you in touch, regardless of how far off the track you are.



Power where you need it

240v on a job or camp site can really make the difference. SEVA are QLD Licensed Electrical Contractors, we know the rules and follow them. You can be sure that an inverter fitted by SEVA is safe, legal and up to the job.

Brake Control Systems

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Stop Safely


Electronic brake controllers come in a variety of types to suit various applications.

SEVA can supply and fit a system tailored to perfectly suit your car, ute, van or truck.

Spot Lights

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Spot the Danger

Correctly chosen and installed driving lights can drastically improve driver safety at night. The wrong lights fitted incorrectly can be illegal, a danger to other road users and impact the performance and safety of your vehicle.